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 Niesha, Founder/CEO


For as long as I can remember, I have been OBSESSED with candles. Any and every store I would go to, I would be searching for new candles (while having tons at home) in my eyes, you truly can never have enough. The first thing I would look for in a candle (before I even smelled it) was the 'aesthetic' - the design of the jar, the wick, colors, then of course, the smell. I have always enjoyed more muted fresh scents and realized that I never really found the perfect candle. When I did find one I really liked, after burning it I would keep the jar and repurpose it as home décor.

Aésthetic The Brand blends all of my favorite things into one: candles, home décor/fragrance, and my love for marketing/design. Aésthetic The Brand evolved naturally out of desire to create a brand that emphasizes the importance of self care in connection with self love - to encourage inner peace, balance and happiness within yourself and throughout your home. 

As a one-woman show, from hand curating every product, labeling, creating content for socials + marketing, emails, packaging your orders, I can ensure you that every single minute of hard work is worth the feeling of knowing my handmade product is in your space of bliss. I've spent countless hours doing research on the science of the creation of each product, sourcing materials, marketing, designing and testing scents in our studio. Each and every product is designed with the every day person in mind that seeks an aesthetically pleasing, all natural and an astounding smelling fragrance. 

Your home is a reflection of you and we believe that self care is a lifestyle. We all deserve an atmosphere that stimulates you to take moments for yourself to reconnect. Our hope is that our fragrances and products bring you nostalgia, peace of mind and remind you to take those moments for yourself.

Thank you for reading through this long post – I appreciate your support so so much, whether that's a simple like on social media, sharing our posts, referring us to your family & friends, placing an order; I see you and cherish your support for this small business.

Don't forget to tag us in your pics styling your candles! (

xx Niesha

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I received an candle over a year ago. Lately I have been lighting candles in my home, on the kitchen island, where I spend most of my time. I lit the Sundaze scented candle and fell in love with the tropical scent. It brings me to my happy place in Hawaii. Knowing it is a soy candle, I will take the warmed candle and rub some into my hands making them so deliciously soft. What a perfect candle!

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