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What is home wellness? → It is simply the act of creating and maintaining a healthy, balanced home. 

The first step: Identify what a healthy home means and looks like for you. You, just like your home, need to be taken care of. Your home is an extended version of self care.

Things to keep in mind | Our Tips

I. Air quality; opening windows throughout your home increases air flow throughout, improving the air quality. If you want to go above & beyond, you can  invest in an air purifier. Our linen + room spray is always a great addition to refresh any space!

II. Are you wearing shoes inside of your home? Think about all the germs your shoes pick up throughout the day. (yuck) Our advice, take your shoes off as soon as you step into your house – it's more sanitary as well as comfortable

III. Vitamin D. We tend to forget about vitamin D, but it is important and goes hand in hand with natural lighting. Weather you're working from home, cooking a meal or focused on a home project, open the blinds and let the sun beam through. Taking advantage of natural lighting can be all the difference.

IV. Style your home with fragrance! This can be easily done by adding a large, multi wick candle like our customer-favorite aesthetic three wick candle on your coffee table or kitchen island. Placing a candle just about anywhere can give a space purpose & dimension – not to mention the amazing scent that is released. Candles have evolved over time from being a source of light to a decorative accent that has many different uses and benefits -- so really, you can never have enough!

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Share any tips + tricks you live by down below! ↓

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